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The shores of Burgundy

Strange as it may seem, water is one of the star attractions in the land of wine. Burgundy is actually blessed with the most extensive network of rivers and canals in France. From the 17th century onwards, these have contributed to the region’s economic development by facilitating the transport of goods. Nowadays, whether you are a pleasure boater or not, all of this is waiting to delight you: the towpaths are the departure points for excursions that explore the surrounding areas. You will come across anglers, walkers, cyclists and boaters; you will pass through natural habitats where you can observe ducks and grey herons, and you can stop at lockkeeper’s houses that have been converted into lively guinguettes and bistros, or at river ports and other waterside stopping points where you can find refreshment. When it comes to festivities, there are a number of dates where you can come in contact with the traditions born of a life on and around the water: nautical jousts, boating and canal festivals, the Pardon des Mariniers festival. Experiences not to be missed!